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Treat yourself to a unique shower base! We can design a model perfectly suited to your needs and your space.

bases de douche sur mesure
base de douche sur mesure

Custom shower base

Planning to have a custom shower base made because your dimensions aren't standard? With us, you'll get a shower base of the size, shape and colour you want. Because they are custom-designed, the outflow drain will be positioned directly above the existing one, so there's no need to reconfigure the plumbing or break concrete.

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Need help taking your measurements?

We can send an expert to your home to take your measurements. Call us at 1-855-274-4810 to find out more

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Our shower bases are customizable

Our priority: optimizing space so that you can enjoy unbeatable comfort and exceptional ease of use.

Custom tiled shower pans

Planning to have a tiled shower made? Instead of building a wooden structure, pouring concrete and installing a membrane before laying down your ceramic tiles, let us take care of your project! We'll design a safe, made-to-measure tiled shower pan. You'll get a one-piece shower pan in the size and shape you want and you'll be able to install it in minutes.

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We're a Quebec manufacturer of fully customizable shower bases and tiled shower pans . Our products are perfect for both new builds and remodeling projects.

Reduced mobility

Our shower bases can meet the specific accessibility requirements of people with reduced mobility. Thanks to our know-how, we can provide a custom solution that will simplify your daily activities.

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Your shower base adapted to animal-care needs

We design custom shower bases for professionals who work with animals: veterinarians, animal groomers, pet stores, dog or cat breeders.

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*The actual lead time will be provided to the customer when we follow up on the order. The manufacturer reserves the right to take up to two times the estimated lead time to manufacture the product, without penalty or cancellation. Weather conditions (cold, heat and humidity) and equipment breakdowns are factors that may increase production lead time and that are beyond our control.

**At the customer's expense. Aéro fibre de verre Inc. disclaims responsibility for any problems, delays or breakage caused by the shipper. Contact us at 1-855-274-4810 for more information.