Terms and Conditions/Warranty

Please read the warnings, instructions and warranty carefully before ordering and beginning the installation.

SELLER refers to the manufacturer BASE DE DOUCHE SUR MESURE, a division of Aéro Fibre de verre Inc.

The expression “Shower Base” is used to refer to both a shower base and a tiled shower pan.

Terms and Conditions


Prices are subject to change without notice.

Production Lead Times

*It generally takes 10 business days to manufacture a product. The actual lead time will be provided to the customer when we follow up on their order. The manufacturer reserves the right to take up to twice the estimated time to manufacture the product without penalty or cancellation. Weather conditions (cold, heat and humidity) and equipment breakdowns are factors that may increase production lead times and that are beyond our control.

No production tracking information will be given before the production lead time date.


It is the buyer’s/owner’s/user’s responsibility to inform the Seller at the time the order is placed whether the Shower Base is intended for use other than domestic.


It is the buyer’s/owner’s/user’s responsibility to inform the Seller at the time the order is placed that the Shower Base will be installed in a way, or using a procedure, that does not meet recognized construction standards.


Do not remove the polystyrene (polystyrene foam) located below the shower base. It is part of the manufactured product.

Every Shower Base is unique and some steps of the manufacturing process require manual work; as a result, slight imperfections may be detected. Also, since each Shower Base is made-to-measure, we have to make a single-use mould for each order. To make a Shower Base meeting exact specifications and having an appropriate price, we have to use malleable products. Therefore, some of our Shower Bases may warp. However, the flexibility of the Shower Base allows for a certain tolerance (3/4 of an inch), which is corrected during installation.


Because our Shower Bases are entirely custom-made and made to order only, we require payment in full before production begins.


It is the buyer’s/owner’s/user’s responsibility to send the Seller the exact measurements of the Shower Base that they intend to order. The same holds true for the colour, the location of the curbs and drain, and other options available to the buyer/owner/user. Because the Shower Base is unique, it is not refundable or returnable.


If the buyer/owner/user wishes to make corrections after the technical drawing for the Shower Base has been produced but before production begins, it is possible to do so. A $75 charge will be invoiced to the buyer/owner/user to prepare a modified technical drawing.


Because Every Shower Base is unique, we cannot get certification, as this would involve having each Shower Base certified. For example, 3 Shower Bases with the same dimensions and made with the same materials but with different colours and a different drain location would require 3 different certifications.


Upon receiving the Shower Base and before installing it, the installer, the contractor hired by the buyer/owner/user or the buyer/owner/user themself is responsible for inspecting it and ensuring that it is not defective or damaged. If they notice a problem, they shall not go forward with the installation. The Seller is not responsible for any failures, expenses, damages or claims that could have been discovered, repaired or avoided by conducting an appropriate inspection and verification prior to installation.


**In the event that the buyer/owner/user requests to have their Shower Base shipped by a carrier, the Seller disclaims any problems, delays or breakage caused by the carrier. In the event of breakage, the buyer/owner/user shall note the damage observed on the freight bill and submit a claim to the carrier as quickly as possible.

IMPORTANT: under no circumstances shall you drill and/or screw into the Shower Base; failure to comply with this condition voids the warranty. The Shower Base, doors, glass components or any other element that could be attached to the Shower Base must absolutely be glued.


BASE DE DOUCHE SUR MESURE (the Seller) strongly recommends that you use recognized construction industry professionals for any installation or repair work, in accordance with the plumbing or building code in your province and applicable laws. The Seller reserves the right to require proof of installation by a master plumber.

As a result, the buyer/owner/user of the Shower Base is entirely responsible for the installation and appropriate connecting of their product. BASE DE DOUCHE SUR MESURE (the Seller) does not install the products it sells, nor does it hire a contractor to install them or supervise their installation; therefore, it cannot be held liable for any defect, breakage or damage caused directly or indirectly by the installation of the Shower Base or resulting from it.

The Shower Base warranty is valid only if the installation instructions have been followed. To ensure this, it is essential that the installation instructions be printed out and given to the installation professionals, and that you keep a copy of them permanently, as well. We also recommend that you keep invoices for the work done by the professionals you hire so that their work is also guaranteed.

Read the installation instructions carefully before beginning the installation. THESE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS MUST BE KEPT BY THE END USER.


  • The installation will be easier to complete if there are 2 people. It is easier to prepare this product in a room larger than your bathroom.
  • The Shower Base must be installed in a location where the temperature is higher than 16 °C (60 °F). It must not be installed in an unheated location where the temperature can drop below 0 °C (32 °F).
  • Comply with all local plumbing and building codes.
  • The Shower Base must be installed level with the floor and plumb to the walls.
  • The floor structure must be able to support a load of 50 lbs per square foot (244 kg/m2).
  • Before installing the Shower Base, all framework and plumbing must be completed in accordance with instructions and local standards.
  • If this is a remodeling project, the existing wall surfaces must be removed to install the appropriate framework.


  1. For easier levelling, you need to spread self-levelling cement or mortar on the surface of the floor where the Shower Base will be installed, following the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the preparation you are using.

    IMPORTANT: Do not apply cement or mortar within 127 mm (5”) of the drainage hole.

    ***Reminder*** Because this is a solid surface Shower Base, you must not use shims to correct a slope, as this may create voids under the Shower Base. Such voids can cause damage to your Shower Base and put it out of level; as a result, water will not flow to the drain properly.

  2. The Shower Base must be installed directly to the wall studs and not to a finished wall.
  3. For example, if you have plasterboard walls, cut the walls to accommodate the size of your Shower Base so that the Shower Base is up against the girts and wall plates of your walls.
  4. Next, be sure that the parts of the drain that need to be connected to the Shower Base meet current standards.
  5. Next, if it hasn’t already been done, mark the location of the drain. Cut or drill the drain hole in the floor and install the discharge plumbing.

    IMPORTANT: The drain dimensions and installation instructions may vary according to the model of drain used; please read the instructions provided by the drain manufacturer.

    Position the Shower Base and check that the location of the discharge plumbing aligns with the Shower Base drain.

    Remove the Shower Base.

    *** Reminder *** We strongly recommend that you use the services of a professional plumber. If the plumbing connection is too long, too short or poorly aligned, it can place undue pressure on the Shower Base and damage it.


  7. Temporarily place the Shower Base in its location. Be sure that it is properly supported and check again to see that it is level.
  8. If the Shower Base is properly supported but not level, you will need to correct the level with a layer of levelling cement or mortar, following the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the preparation you are using.
  9. Once the Shower Base is perfectly supported, level in all directions and properly aligned with the drain, carry out a drainage test. If water pools up or if there is improper drainage, it probably means that the Shower Base is not level. If necessary, repeat step 7. If the problem persists, contact our customer service department before continuing with the installation.
  10. If the drainage test is successful, gently remove the Shower Base.

    *** Reminder*** Don’t forget that under no circumstances should you drill or screw into the Shower Base under penalty of voiding the warranty.

  11. Next, coat the underside of the Shower Base with construction adhesive (PL-type) around the perimeter of the Shower Base and in the shape of a W on the rest of the surface that will be in contact with the floor.
  12. Gently place the Shower Base back into position, so that it is properly supported and let it dry for at least 24 hours or more, depending on the instructions provided by the adhesive manufacturer.
  13. If your Shower Base has warped, you will have to use retaining brackets so that the Shower Base becomes level again during the glue-drying period. In such circumstances, the drying time should be doubled to 48 hours. If the problem persists, you should contact our customer service department before continuing with the installation.
  14. Next, finish installing the drain, following the instructions provided by the drain manufacturer.
  15. If you ordered a Shower Base with curbs serving as tiling flanges, don’t forget that the plasterboard and/or any other surface covering has to have the same thickness as the curbs serving as tiling flanges in order to allow tiling to be installed down to the level of the Shower Base.

Limited Warranty

We provide a five (5)-year warranty against all manufacturing or material defects under normal use and maintenance starting on the date that the Shower Base was made available to you for pickup.

This warranty applies only to the original buyer/owner/user and for domestic use only.

To take advantage of this warranty, the initial buyer/owner/user must provide their original proof of purchase.

If there are manufacturing defects covered under this warranty, the Seller must be informed in writing, have the opportunity to inspect the Shower Base and follow up on this warranty; otherwise, no expenses or liability shall be borne by the Seller.


For regular maintenance, use a damp cloth and mild liquid detergent. Under no circumstances should you use abrasive cleaning agents, scrapers, brushes or other objects that could scratch or damage surfaces.

If the maintenance instructions are not complied with, your Shower Base will not be covered by the warranty.


This warranty shall not apply in cases of improper or incorrect use or operation, breakage or damage caused by normal wear and tear, breakage caused by an impact or improper handling, fault, carelessness, abuse, misuse, misapplication, improper maintenance, alteration or modification of the Shower Base, as well as by chemical or natural corrosion, fire, flooding, natural catastrophes or any other fortuitous event.

This warranty does not apply to stains or malfunctions caused by ferrous water, hard water or salt water, or resulting from the use of chemicals or abrasives or the use of improper water.

This warranty is limited, at the Seller’s choice, to the repair or replacement of the Shower Base. No indemnity shall be claimed for loss of enjoyment of life, loss of income or losses caused by water. This warranty does not cover travel, installation, de-installation or transportation expenses.

Under no circumstance shall BASE DE DOUCHE SUR MESURE be held liable for any amount exceeding the purchase price of the Shower Base paid by the buyer/owner/user.


In addition to the above-mentioned conditions and limitations, the warranty period related to any Shower Base installed as part of a commercial application or used in the context of a commercial undertaking is one (1) year from the original date of purchase by the buyer/owner/user.

No implied or expressed warranty is covered by this warranty.